Kalesa Electric Cart Technology

KALESA is symbolized and mobilized by genuinely-designed and locally-manufactured electronic carts.

The KALESA carts’ fabrication started in early 2007. with standard foot-pedal-powered mechanism used to move the carts around. The modern, electric-type cart was conceptualised a year after. It took KALESA years of research and development until the technology was perfected last year.

The KALESA electric carts are compact and relatively lightweight vehicles.

Plain Kalesa Electric Cart

Its lightweight, customizable body makes for the design of a KALESA electric cart. Enough room for the goods inside and adequate space for advertisement and design outside. The stylish exterior cloaks the KALESA electric cart’s capability to carry 600 kilograms of products or goods. A stylish sturdy workhorse.

Kalesa Roving Store

The KALESA carts are powered by battery that attributes for its eco-friendly and budget-friendly features. It runs up to 60 kilometers. KALESA carts are advertisement-friendly due to its highly-customizable exterior, retail-friendly since it can carry as many goods and customer-friendly since it can go through any streets due to its compact design.

Kalesa Custom Body

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